Frank Johnson - Photojournalist
Frank Johnson - Photojournalist
By: Frank Johnson

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Go Back To Africa - No Longer a dream but a reality for blacks

Nationwide)-June 15, 2004--The Indigenous African American
Reparations Tribunal in conjunction with the Committee for African
American Reparations, The Black Lawyers Dispute Resolution and
Peacemakers Institute and the International Human Rights Association
of American Minorities, a NGO with consultative status with the
United Nations, is pleased to announce that Going back to Africa is
no longer a dream for Blacks in America but a reality. In fact,
Ghana is now offering Blacks in America the opportunity to redevelop
Africa's hospitals, in exchange for acres and acres of land.

Many are stunned by this sudden kind gesture. Could this be too good
to be true? Absolutely not! Ghana realizes that it needs Black
Americans to redevelop its country- as Blacks in America have
attained the necessary skills and education to redevelop the world-
as Blacks have trained under the most advanced country in the world.
Ghana is relying on Blacks in America to make their country just as
viable and powerful as America. Ghana also extends this land
opportunity as a clear recognition of its role in the slave trade
that cost decades of dismay - leaving painful scars and debris for
Black Americans even in 2004. Ms. Miller reveals, "This is a wonderful
opportunity for members of the Health community to create methods of healing
Africa by building hospitals, and being pioneers. I am certain that there are
various methods that Western medicine implements that needs to be changed
and this can be done by launching hospitals and programs in Ghana."

Dr. Ansari of the Indigenous African Americans Reparations Tribunal
contends, "This is a wonderful opportunity for Architects, Doctors,
Electricians, Chemical Engineers, Nurses, Lawyer, School
Administrators, Health Care Providers, Business Developers, Farmers,
Psychologists, Bankers, Geologists, Communication Specialists,
Television/Film Makers, Rehabilitation Professionals and so many more
intellectuals to assist in redeveloping Africa." This is indeed the
opportunity of a lifetime for a student, a newly graduate, a tenured
person of great wisdom and fortitude that is ready to put their
knowledge and experience and consult an entire continent on

Why go to Ghana? This country wasn't called the Gold Coast for
nothing. Ghana's other assets that are as good as gold are: lovely
beaches, lively nightlife, good roads, a variety of landscapes and
some of the friendliest people on the continent. In short, Ghana is a
safe, beguiling introduction to West Africa. Ghana has managed not
merely to retain a strong sense of national identity, but actually to
boost its economy and infrastructure. Once a center of the slave
trade, Ghana was also the first modern African country to win its
independence -- giving it a head start in nation building. The people
of Ghana are well educated and proud of their country -- it has good
schools, a thriving press and one of the highest economic growth
rates on the continent.

The opportunity to meet with dignitaries and diplomats in Ghana
begins August and ends in September. There will be 2-chartered
planes leaving from New York on August 15th, 2004 and returning
September 1, 2004. The second chartered plane will leave September
1, 2004 and returning September 15, 2004. For more information call
the 24 hour line for the Cost of the Tour, Flight Information, Visa
Information, Shots and deposit arrangements: (212) 852-9000 or 800-
509-8034. Please indicate the consulting skills that you are able
to present to the dignitaries by emailing:
Please place in the subject line: Consulting Africa. Going Back To
Africa is no longer a dream, wish, or goal- it is a reality.

About the Indigenous African American Reparations Tribunal- The
Tribunal is a panel of African American Scholars and experts who will
assess the effect of Genocide, forced removal, systematic rape, and
ethnic cleansing and postulate ways to repair them. This is the most
advanced, and sophisticated way to deal with reparations. The panel
of elite scholars include: Dr. Kwame Kalimara, Dr. Mahmoud Abass,
Naazim Hamed, Dr. Yusuf Naim Kly, Atty Musa Dan Fodio, Nikitah Okembe-
Ra, MA PHD, Adunni Oshupa Tabasi, Dr. Mustafa Ansari. Collectively
they have managed to accomplish the following: creating Black
University in Chicago, creating Charter Schools in San Francisco,
creating First Black Internationally recognized NGO International
Human Rights Associations of American Minorities, Metaphysics, OPEC
negotiations and many more.

For more information on the development of Ghana and Land Development
opportunities please contact: 800-509-8034 or 800-564-2905 or 212-852-

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