Frank Johnson - Photojournalist
Frank Johnson - Photojournalist
By: Frank Johnson

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Monday, 7-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Frank the Spy

I have arrived in Brunswick, Georgia to document the demonstrations against the G8 summit. I enjoyed the pleasure of riding down with a couple people from It was a tremendous ride with lively conversation. However, I was warned that several people suspected that I might be some type of spy. Hince the new nickname, Frank the Spy. I am sure the police will have no problem telling where I stand, but it might be difficult for my "peers" to accept my presence.

Stay tuned for this unexpected development.

But back to Brunswick. The Indy Media Center is in a poor black community. I have walked around the neighborhood and introduced myself to several of the neighbors in the community. So far I have seen what might be considered a large police presence to some people but not really for me. I did attend the demonstrations in Miama/FTAA and there was a much larger and more visible police presence there. However this opinion could change on tomorrow once I get to see things during the day. While we were approaching our base of operations I did notice several military humvees in the general neighborhood. My perception that the police presence isn't as large as Miami might be influenced by the fact that the demonstration area is alot larger than Miami. In Miami everyone was within an 8 block radius where Brunswick the activities are fairly spread out.

The community in general believe that the additional police presence in their community is unwanted. There are several typical activities going on in the neighborhood, not to stereotype the community. I witnessed small time prostitution, abandoned homes where drug activities were taking place, no parks or playground area visible within several blocks. An unusual amount of Churches in a 2 block radius. There was even one gentleman who shall remain anonymous that complained about not being able to sell his liquor for fear of the police raiding his home. Apparently, he had no fear of the police before the G8 summit.

In my humble opinion there are a large number of indy media press people on hand, with the facilities to handle more. I can only hope that objective reporting/documenting is done and that people are timely in their information delivery.

If anyone has questions on what the city is like, please contact me and I will try to include answers in my next update. We have good internet access here so I shall be updating several times a day.

Also, if anyone out there gets the opportunity to pick up this book. Protest in the Land of Plenty by Al Crespo. The isbn #097221340-6 Amazon is showing 4 used copies averaging $52 at this time.

For all those curious about how my wife's surgery turned out. She is fine and the surgery went extremely well. She has returned home and is resting with her parents taking care of her. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

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